Vertical Formwork System

Vertical formwork systems is for the construction of vertical concrete structures such as columns, walls, side walls, foundations, footings, etc. Vertical modular and beam-based formwork are suitable for all jobsite situations, all fields of use and all specifications regarding the concrete finish

Single Side Wall Formwork System

The Single Side Wall Formwork system is the ideal wall formwork combining high performance with simple, rapid assembly, great versatility and cost efficient advantages. Being designed for a wide range of construction applications the Single Side Wall Formwork system is able to withstand high fresh concrete pressure.

Column-Wall Waler System

The Column-Wall Waler System is widely recognised as one of the most adaptable formwork systems available to contractors, easy to erect and align. The Column-Wall Waler System adapts to all heights and widths, accommodates every pressure and meets all construction demands. The basis of the System is the H20 timber beam. The formwork elements are assembled quickly and easily by connecting the H20 timber beams to the steel walers by means of steel clamps. Dismantling of elements is done as simply as the erection of the system. The advantage is that the wall formwork system provides a high adaption and easy reassembling when ground plans of the structure change frequently.

Steel Column Panel System

The Steel Column Panel System is a long life and easy maintenance formwork system which guarantees 200 times monolithic pouring with its high level of rigidity and versatility. Combined with superior quality 15 mm thick formwork panel, birch plywood and plastic overlay the System can absorb high levels of concrete pressure.

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