Horizontal Formwork System

Reliable horizontal formwork systems for the construction of horizontal concrete structures such as concrete slabs, beams etc. Modular and beam-based horizontal formwork is suitable for the construction of all horizontal concrete structures.

Cuplock System

Cuplock System mainly used for falsework to support structures, is a multi-purpose steel scaffold system suitable for providing general access and supporting vertical loads. Its high leg load and wide range of components gives the Cuplock System the capacity to tackle virtually any soffit support application with a cost-effective solution. The Cuplock System’s key feature is its unique node point which allows up to 4 horizontals to be connected to a vertical in a fastening action, making it probably the fastest and safest system available. The comprehensive range of Cuplock System components allows it to be used for various construction applications. It can be used to create a wide range of support structures, access scaffolds, staircase towers, circular scaffolds, loading towers and mobile towers.

Prop H2O Beam System

Non-standard Slab formwork is used in concrete pouring. It is mainly supported by the steel structure and scaffolding with a head support. The timber beams are used as secondary beam on the top. It is a simple structure which is easy to assemble and dismantle, flexible to set up and reusable.

Table System

Table System is among the best available systems for slab construction especially in structures with open facades, permitting large formwork units to be erected and lifted easily. Construction obstacles (e.g. up-stand beams or parapets) of any kind can be passed over without disconnecting the props when shifting tables in addition to space saving at transport and storage stages. Table System has proven to increase productivity in construction of all building types for both general forming and support applications as a simple, reliable, economical and efficient formwork tool.

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